Open Arms Syrian Refugee Support Fundraiser a big success!

Open Arms Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Fundraiser As part of our fundraising efforts to sponsor a Syrian refugee family of three for a year, we held the Open Arms Syrian Refugee Support Fundraiser on April 6th. The community jumped in feet first and after the online auction and the event itself West End Friends has almost $8000 more toward our goal - thank you again to everyone who participated and contributed!

The Open Arms event was held in the Ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel, which was generously provided at no cost - and it was the perfect venue. The cool space provided the perfect backdrop for a great evening where we were able to meet lots of new people who share our goal of giving a refugee family a new start. If you joined us then cheers - it was great to meet you! If you were unable to then you missed a fantastic night out.

The tunes were amazing: BoomDaddies got people dancing from the very beginning and it carried right through to the end with The Neil Young'uns and their spot-on tribute to one of Canada's legends. Almost more incredible than the great live music was the raffle. Three tables were needed to hold all the prizes - and that was barely enough! Ranging from a wide-variety of gift baskets to Blue Jays tickets to restaurant gift certificates, there was lots of activity at the raffle table all night long. One of the other popular aspects to the event was the two wonderfully talented artists - Gerry Fournier and Noel Tuazon - who graciously agreed to volunteer their time and skills to provide the crowd with great caricatures.

Once again, West End Friends appreciates the contributions that everyone made, both financially and with their time. We would also like to offer a special shout-out to the following people, who graciously volunteered to help out with both our fundraiser and our efforts moving forward: Sue Robertson, Aries Cheung, Jackie Engholm, Gerry Fournier, Noel Tuazon, Steve Viau, Jo-Ann McNaughton, James Hadley, DJ Gavin.

Now that this event has passed we encourage anyone still interested in helping us meet our fundraising target to contribute what they can through a donation.

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2 great bands with hearts of gold!

Local bands BoomDaddies and The Neil Young'uns played the Open Arms event.

Open Arms auction a hit!

Our online auction is now closed - thanks to everyone who participated!

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Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing the war in Syria everyday. More than 50% of those refugees are children. Canada has pledged to accept 25,000 refugees this year and our group is doing our part to help make that happen. West End Friends will provide practical support to this family. This includes arranging for English lessons, setting up a bank account, getting them health cards and helping them adjust and integrate into the community. This help extends beyond the first year that they arrive.

We also need to provide start up costs for this family as many of them will arrive with only the clothes on their backs. These costs include: clothing, a place to live, basic furniture and housewares. As a group we have raised over half of what we need to sponsor a family of three for a year. However there is much more needed, and that is where you can help.

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